About Me

My Name is Brodey Dover and I am providing engineering consultations in areas where I possess expertise. By trade, I am a certified technologist in Computer Engineering. I can provide value to businesses and persons looking to improve the performance of their sound systems, computer systems and their vehicles. I have crewed with various race teams in the Ottawa and Toronto area and have consulted motorsports competitors for tuning capabilities that has allowed them to place in podiums on a regular basis. I race myself so I can fine tune ECU definitions to provide feedback to the driver the way they would expect and without impacting the vehicle's performance on track.

As for acoustics, I have been designing and building custom audio solutions for over 20 years. With my customers, I would consult with them to determine their expectations and requirements. My designs would include innovative solutions to meet and exceed their requirements.

My day to day career is founded on my varied experience in the Information Technology industry. I began my career in Software Development with HRSDC and moved to a small start-up in the medical industry after working full time with HRSDC for 2 years. I stayed with the small start-up, where I worked on designing and deploying two data center implementations, SAN systems and failover protocols. There were so many projects to name at the start-up but it was one of my favourite jobs that I've ever had, though, it was tough and diligent work! Currently I'm a database developer with NAV Canada and a Systems Engineer with ACME Staking.